divyashree- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

From painting the quirkiest designs on tees to photorealistic sketches to trendy nail art, Divyashree does it all. She's a fantastic painter, looking to share her skills with keen learners. One look at her canvases, and you know she's the right person to teach you the art. Under her guidance, you'll... ReadMore


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riddhi- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

Riddhi is a passionate artist keen on sharing her know how with learners. She's extremely versatile, having experimented with various forms of art from stain glass painting to murals. Under her guidance, you'll learn to draw landscapes, dabble in some wall painting, and even splash some colour on a... ReadMore

pournami- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

If it's creativity that inspires you, look no further than Pournami. From intricate mandala designs to handmade jewelry and decor, this engineer-turned-artist does it all. She's been sharing the joys of arts, crafts, and DIYs with students for over eight years now. Here's your chance to learn from o... ReadMore

samiksha- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

From the traditional arts of mehendi and rangoli to making exotic candles and painting murals, Samiksha does it all. She's been teaching for over a decade now, and is particularly known for the personalised attention and guidance she offers each student. Sign up for a class with this patient, dedica... ReadMore

chetan- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

With nearly a decade of teaching experience, Chetan dabbles in nearly every art form imaginable. So whether you'd like to paint on canvas or glass, with paint or coffee, this is the place for you. He comes highly recommended by kids of all ages and will help you take your creativity to the next leve... ReadMore

saumya- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

With eight years of experience under her belt, Saumya's passion for art drives her to share her skill and knowledge with students. She believes in imparting the fundamental skills to harness your creativity in a simple way. Under her guidance, you will shine in no time. ReadMore

afrin- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

For Afrin, art is not simply a matter of skill and technique. It's a way of life. She's been teaching arts and crafts for over three years but has an understanding of the field beyond her years. She firmly believes that art is a means of human development - it inculcates a sense of moral principles... ReadMore

shristi- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

With over eight years of teaching experience under her belt, Shristi will help you harness your inner creativity. From decorative wall hangings to exquisite handmade candles, she'll help you do it all. She's passionate about her craft - this class is just what you need to get those creative juices f... ReadMore

shri-vidya- BookUrClass

Shri Vidya

10 Sessions     |    Expert

If you're looking to get creative, Shri Vidya is one of the best guides around, with over a decade of teaching experience. With this class, you'll be quilling, painting, folding and creating wonderful works of art - all while having fun! ReadMore



10 Sessions     |    Expert

When it comes to Arts and Crafts, Vandana is a genuine all-rounder. From glass painting to handmade jewellery to fabric painting, she does it all. She's been imparting her knowledge to students for the past eight years. Her learners particularly admire her patience and innovative teaching techniques... ReadMore

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