kiran- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

Like many musicians, Kiran Roy's first love was the guitar. Inspired by the likes of Eddie Van Halen, he picked up a guitar at 13 and always dreamed of sharing his love for music with enthusiastic learners. Experienced and accomplished, Kiran's been delivering top-notch guitar lessons since the '90s... ReadMore

prakash- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

Rock, reggae and more. Prakash is a versatile guitarist who dabbles in nearly every genre you can think of. The passionate musician is now taking his talent to the next level, and helping young learners find their feet with the guitar. He's won acclaim for his performances, and his fun teaching tech... ReadMore

anish- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

With over a decade of teaching experience, Anish's love affair with the guitar began with heavy metal. Following in the footsteps of Metallica, Iron Maiden, he formed a band and performed all over the country. He has since branched out into various genres. So if you want to get into the blues, RnB,... ReadMore

sarosh- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

Aspiring musicians, here's a role model for you. Sarosh began learning the guitar at the tender age of seven. Under Salvador Cardozo's expert guidance, he went professional in 1997. Since then, he's accompanied the glitterati of the music world - Asha Bhosle, Dr. L. Subramaniam, and Trilok Gurtu, Sh... ReadMore

kunal- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

If you're looking to strum away to victory, look no further than Kunal. This talented guitarist doesn't limit himself, experimenting with various genres to develop his own signature style. From the intensity of Metallica to the romantic charm of Bollywood classics like 'Gulaabi Aankhen', he does it... ReadMore

amborish- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

Amborish Saikia has been associated with the band 'Euphoria' as the main lead guitarist since 2010 and has been involved in studio albums and live sessions for the band. Moreover he has also worked with Bollywood artists KK and Papon for the live shows. His western projects have also taken him a lon... ReadMore

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