calvin- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

Calvin Sequeira is a western vocalist and guitarist, with over 8 years of teaching experience under his belt. His ultimate cures for a rainy day are his guitar and his favourite songs. His passion for teaching is driven by his desire to share his love for western music with the world. In addition to... ReadMore

natraj- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

Natraj's musical journey is a unique one. As a child, his first love was basketball! Passionate as he was about the game, he only wanted to play as a power forward or center forward. But his coach had other plans. When Natraj was asked to either play as a guard or not play at all, he quit the team.... ReadMore

dhawal- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

For over 12 years, Dhawal Shethia has combined his two passions - music and teaching. Whether you want to pick up the keyboard or the guitar (both acoustic and bass), Dhawal could be the right fit for you. He encourages students to take an interest in music theory, and is particularly known for his... ReadMore

ashkai- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

This Mumbai-based violinist and guitarist has over four years of experience teaching musical instruments. He's also proved his talent as a performer, winning 2nd place at a national level instrument competition in 2011. ReadMore

sam- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

Award-winning musician Sam has been teaching students the guitar for over eight years. His teaching philosophy is 'Keep it Simple'. With his unique teaching techniques and guidance, playing the guitar will be a piece of cake! ReadMore

hari- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

This accomplished, experienced western music enthusiast believes that music is the strongest form of magic. He will help nurture your inner talent, and provide you with the guidance you need to improve your skills. He is particularly popular among his students for his effective teaching techniques -... ReadMore

ujjwal- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

If it's an all-round musical learning experience, you're looking for, you can't go wrong with Ujjwal. Whether you'd like to learn the piano, the guitar, or the keyboard, this is the place to go. Experienced and hugely popular with students, this teacher will get you performance-ready in no time. ReadMore

tanmay- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

Strum away to glory with Tanmay Arora. This young guitarist is also a talented and passionate composer. He'll wow you with his soulful lyrics, and help you master the basics of the instrument. Under his guidance, you'll soon be confidently jamming out tunes on any guitar you please. ReadMore

arpan- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

Arpan Sen is a man of few words; he lets his music do the talking. He's collaborated with music maestros like Bikram Ghosh and John Devitt. His performances bring out the multifaceted nature of the guitar. With over 14 years of teaching experience under his belt, he'll share his know-how, and help y... ReadMore

swardhaan- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

Swardhaan's passion for music has only grown since the first time he picked up his guitar as a child. He's now dedicated to sharing his skills with keen learners from far and wide. In addition to being a talented vocalist and guitarist, he is also known for his teaching techniques, which make the ba... ReadMore

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