prashant- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

With over fifteen years of teaching experience and a doctorate in Naturopathy and Yoga, Prashant is both experienced and accomplished. His classes are a blend of the intensive Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa flow sequences and the more relaxing meditation and pranayama practices. It's not just postures and b... ReadMore

kajal- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

Kajal is your ultimate guide to making yoga work for you. Her classes are an eclectic blend of traditional hatha yoga and vinyasa flows. She's been teaching students of all age groups for the past nine years. Her lessons are known to be effective, with students claiming that her engaging classes hav... ReadMore

hira- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

Hira's mission is simple enough - he only wishes for the mental and physical well-being of all. His own experience has taught him that yoga is the way to achieve it. He's been imparting his skills and wisdom to avid learners for nearly a decade now. His students particularly appreciate his positive,... ReadMore

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