anshu- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

Breathe, Stretch and Rejuvenate with Anshu. This engineer-turned yoga instructor now pursues her passion full time and wishes to share it with the world. Trained in the Ashtangayoga tradition and certified by the International Sivananda Yoga centre, she helps students discover the healing powers of... ReadMore

rahul- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

Rahul firmly believes that yoga is the apple that can keep the doctor away. His classes will offer you an introduction to both, intense hatha yoga postures and calming pranayama techniques. Passionate about helping people improve their lives with yoga, Rahul's classes will also keep you informed abo... ReadMore

o-m- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

This is a yoga class that goes beyond challenging asanas, flexibility and fitness. While good health is certainly one of the biggest benefits of practicing yoga, it is not the only one. With Om, you can expect a life changing introduction to the very philosophy of yoga - its historical roots, its es... ReadMore

param- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Beginner

How many of us can say that our hobbies changed our very identity? Param's deep connect with yoga began on a life changing trip to the Himalayas. When he was all of 21, he braved the harsh weather with painfully light clothing and little money, only to meet a Guru. Instead, he found intuition and en... ReadMore

ritu- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

Ritu believes in the ability of yoga to transform one's life holistically. In addition to the physical benefits, she allows her students to experience the spiritual well-being yoga offers. Her students appreciate her positive, encouraging spirit that allows learners of all levels achieve their goals... ReadMore

ashish- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

Ashish is a passionate yoga instructor, who has witnessed firsthand how yoga can transform one's life for the better. From improved digestion to better sleep, he wishes to share the benefits of yoga with keen learners. He is particularly known for his teaching techniques designed to make asanas easi... ReadMore

rupali- BookUrClass


10 Sessions     |    Expert

Rupali is a qualified Yoga teacher having done an advance course in Yoga training from Premananda Yoga Centre. She has an experience of about 15 years. She can handle all types of health issues and can also give ultimate sessions for weight loss. She has special expertise in Surya namaskars with di... ReadMore

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